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Meet Ruvie.

Ruvie Vargo, Rowan's little sister. She followed every steps her big brother made--from minute mechanic science projects into huge robotic facilities.However, her brother *died untimely in a failed experiment.

Ruvie was left with nothing. She hauled into the danger and masked herself as a boy. She believed that she can fulfill her brother's dreams in his stead.

But she was discovered, and later was adopted by a family of mechanics.

Developed by harsh worlds and dreams, she will be known as Moona Rousse later on.

Just a preview of my new character which came into my mind right after I woke up early yesterday.

footnote: I don't know yet if her brother will really die.

Gizelle karen baluso ruvie
Gizelle karen baluso medieval esquire process

Process: grayscale, color overlays, coloring, polishing